Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Northside Center for Child Development

Back in 2011 HMESF expanded their Library Initiative to six new child development centers in New York City. One of these centers was Northside Center for Child Development. At HMESF we are firm believers in the immense impact that early child literacy has on the educational, emotional, and social development of a child. Children's brains develop at their fastest rates from ages 0 to 3, and it essential to lay the necessary foundations at this time so that children are as prepared as possible for the next part of their education.

The Helene Marks Library is a collection of age-appropriate reading materials that allow children to begin to develop their language acquisition and recognition skills, emotional response skills, and their oral and visual skills. In addition, reading books is a way for children to connect with one another and enjoy the shared experiences that only a book can provide. (Learn more here about how HMESF is spreading the word about child literacy with the #WeLoveReading photo challenge.)

A little bit about Northside Center for Child Development:

Northside is a nonprofit organization serving NYC since 1948, aimed at fostering the development of children and their families, providing them with education resources, mental health care and other support services. Through their various programs, including Early Head Start for children ages 0 to 3 and Early Intervention, Northside serves over 3,300 NYC children and families each year. They have made such a huge impact for disadvantaged children and families, and it has been an honor to supply Northside with some of the resources they need to help NYC children and families.

It is because of the support of our amazing donors that we are able to supply centers such as Northside with the resources they need to succeed. With this year's grant, Northside Center will be acquiring over 85 new books for their children. Here is a little preview of the types of reading materials that Northside will be able to provide their children.

Learn more about Northside Center and how you can support their initiative here